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Kanza Bodden at the Special Olympics Wor

International Events.

International & Regional Events

Our athletes have the opportunity to travel around the world making friends and sharing in cultural exchange through a number of international events. World Games are held every four years and feature a number of Olympic-type sports. SOCI participated in its first World Games in 1991. Below are the major international events SOCI has participated since its inception in 1988. 

2024 | Caribbean Bocce Tournament, 22 - 26 OF MAY, The Cayman Islands

2023 | World Games, Berlin, Germany, 17 - 25, JUNE - MEET OUR TEAM
2019 |  World Games, Abu Dhabi UAE

2015 | World Games, Los Angeles, USA

2012 | Special Olympics World Aquatics Competition, Puerto Rico, USA

2011 | World Game, Athens, Greece

2010 | Latin American Games, Puerto Rico, USA

2007 | World Games, Shanghai, China

2004 | Special Olympics Caribbean Regional Games, Kingston, Jamaica

2003 | World Games, Dublin, Ireland

1999 | World Games, North Carolina, USA

1995 | World Games Connecticut, USA

1991 | World Games, Minnesota, USA

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